Pleasure to meet you! We have a few questions about your habit so we can help you better.
How easy do you find it to wake up in the morning?

1 = incredibly difficult
5 = easy

How easy do you find it to fall asleep at night?

1 = incredibly difficult
5 = easy

What are the worst things that have happened to you because you overslept?

How often do you oversleep when you shouldn't?

How many times, in the morning, do you typically hit the snooze button?

Describe your current sleeping habits

Ex: what time do you go to bed/wake up, what are your evening and morning routines, etc.
Imagine your ideal self with perfect sleep habits, three months from now. What difference has sleep made in your life between now and then?

What obstacle(s) is holding you back from improving your sleep and becoming the ideal version of yourself?

Have you ever worked with a coach or a personal trainer before?

On a scale from 1-5, how much would you benefit from having a health/habit coach?

1 = not at all
5 = I NEED a coach to keep me on track

Would you be interested in working with a Pavlok Coach to help you achieve your goals?

If so, we'll reach out with an application by email.

What's your name?

Thank you for submitting your answers.

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